I am a freelance journalist, brand consultant and creative director with a broad marketing skill set. I work with my clients both one-on-one and in a team environment, pulling from a network of talented creatives and influencers for more ambitious projects. Let's work together. Email me at

Here's how I can help you, your company or brand:

Adobe Creative Suite

I know how to use PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, and the whole Adobe Creative Suite. P.S. - this is how most companies produce their awesome assets that can be used anywhere without losing resolution or quality.

Art + Creative Direction

I'll lead a creative team through the soup-to-nuts process of creating beautiful photography, advertising or video with imaginative ideas specific to your brand or company.

Big Picture Marketing Strategy

Know what the goals, tone, brand voice, and strategies are for your particular business? I can help you make sure all marketing ties back to your company's values and mission.

Brand Positioning

I have experience rebranding companies, and helping position brands in a way that resonates with consumers. 


I'll create useful, shareable, informative blog posts that improve SEO. 


Who are you? What story are you telling? I'll help you define and refine the voice, tone and style of your new brand or help improve an older brand that might need fresh eyes.


I know how to create inventive, interesting content on behalf of a brand that still feels native to its consumer -- and quantify a ROI on the tail end.

Channel Mix

There are so many media channels, but only limited budget. I can help guide your company in a direction that makes sense for you.

CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.)

I know how to use most major content management systems (CMS). If you don't want to manage the back end of your content, I can coach you on the interface or simply do things for you.

Consumer Behavior (Understanding and Prediction)

I have a knack for discovery: I see new trends before they happen, and find the people driving them. Being first-to-market  is huge because you can get underpriced media buys that are highly effective, serve as a discovery tool for your customers, and provide a great story for media coverage.

Content Creation

All kinds of content - blog posts, social posts, infographics, website content, landing page content, and anything else under the sun. 

Content Marketing (High-Level)

I use content to slowly move people down the marketing funnel. It's conversion by investing time in content, versus investing money on advertising. 

Copywriting - Digital and Social

Writing effective copy is half the battle in terms of digital and social ads. It can be beautifully designed, but if it says nothing, it will not resonate. Companies need good digital and social copywriters. I can help.

Copywriting - Traditional

Traditional copywriting isn't dead. I can write effectively for marketing purposes, across all mediums.

Crisis Management

Something big has gone down. What do you do? I'll help you prepare for the worst-case scenario for the moments when  your company needs to either respond to something, or get involved in a conversation. Having crisis management experience is incredibly useful. It's also helpful to have somebody who understands which conversations to get involved in, or how a brand should take a stand on an issue. I can help you figure that out.

Digital Ad Design (Understanding of Sizes & Specs)

Companies need people who know exactly what to do when they say "Hey, we need a Facebook Web Traffic ad by 3:00". You need to know the recommended file size, image size, platform requirements, etc.

Digital Campaign Optimization

I know the ways to optimize a campaign to make it more profitable, drive more clicks, get more impressions, etc. at the lowest cost possible. I'll make sure budgets, placements, timing, and platforms are on point.

Drone Content

Some industries, like real estate and travel - can benefit greatly from solid drone content to use on digital and websites. I'll produce it for you.


I have a great deal of experience writing and producing magazine stories for both print and digital outlets. I take assignments and am ready to pitch ideas.

Email Marketing 

I have thorough knowledge of email platforms such as MailChimp and MailGet. I can produce a ground-up campaign for your company or brand, including newsletter design, graphics and copywriting.


Whether you need pop-up retail, a panel and signing, a parade or a full-on flash mob, I'll ideate and produce a groundbreaking event or activation for your brand (and all of the marketing around it).


I am a skilled graphic designer with ten years experience. I can help you with large logo and identity projects or smaller one-off items like email marketing graphics, invitations and the like. I am able to produce assets out of thin air, or according to a defined strategy for a campaign.

Guest Posting

This is essential to content marketing and blogging. If you are a small company, entrepreneur, or aspiring writer, guest posting on larger websites and publications can help boost you to the next level.


I understand the structure of the code (layout and stylistically) of a website, but I can also write it from scratch. This can make things a lot easier if you company needs somebody to make basic updates frequently, but can't afford a full-time web developer.

Influencer Marketing

That means paying people, celebrities, and niche influencers to promote your brand. I can coordinate an influencer marketing program that is targeted and effective because it's a perfect match between brand and talent.


I know how to infuse the idea and feeling of your brand into every aspect of someone's lifestyle -- events, content, product collaboration, and placemaking.

Marketing Automation

I love figuring out ways to automate marketing tasks, where it makes sense. This can save your company valuable time and money. 

Media Buying

I understand the entire process of purchasing media - from negotiation, to execution, to reporting.

Media Planning

Thinking about magazine or digital advertising? I have the ability to research, strategize, and effectively plan media in a way that hits goals and sells through.

Outreach (Bloggers, Influencers, Editors)

I have an existing network of bloggers, influencers, and editors. Especially in my niche space. I believe in talent-based influencers (photographers, writers, chefs, mixologists, musicians, artists, designers, makers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders) and have a broad network of relationships.

Photography and Photo Shoot Production

As content becomes more important, so will photography. A lot of companies just use stock photos, but it's more real, authentic, and personal when everything is custom and done by a photographer. I have a litany of photographer relationships in every practice area, specializing in social media, studio, food, portrait, etc.  I'll make sure the right equipment is on hand, art direction is correctly communicated, and that scheduling and locations are air-tight.

Public Speaking & Presenting, PANEL MODERATION

I'm comfortable speaking in front of groups. I've spoken on marketing, branding, and influence for conferences, retail brands and moderated many panels on the topics of food, style, female leadership and the South.

Social Community Growth

I'll take you social account (or multiple) and grow your follower-base. This has been an essential skill since social media started being used for business, and will continue to be. I have a proven track record of brands behind me with huge growth to show.


I'll help create a look, feel, strategy and handle the execution of photo, video and copy for your brand's social media channel.


A solid marketing and content calendar is a staple for any organized brand. It helps keep content distribution on theme, and helps put a "method to the madness". I'll help you figure out what platforms you should be on, how often you should post, what your presence should be, and put together an editorial calendar so you're never left wondering what to post.


Can you take data and numbers and turn them into actual stories and learnings of what's going on with a business? I can!

Video Content

Same story as photography. Video advertising, video content on social, video everywhere is so important these days. It's a major way people are consuming content. I'll get great video content out there.

Viral Content Creation/Marketing

I know what it takes to go viral, because I understand the psychology of sharing content - what gets shared by people, why it gets shared, and why certain trends take off.


I can design a beautiful website for your brand from scratch, or on a platform like Squarespace.

Writing (Across All Mediums)

Some companies need copywriters. Some need technical writers. Some need blog writers. Some need social media content writers. The bottom line is: writing skills are timeless and will never fade out. I can help you add value to your brand via my pen.