Back issue? Look no further.

10/23/2019: Sick day 😷

Pajamas, vitamins, bone broth and binge-worthy TV: everything you need for flu season.

10/14/2019: Hocus pocus! 👻

A new fall playlist, early-fall wardrobe pickups, and what’s on my calendar this spooky season.

10/2/2019: Hi, 👋I am a washed-up blogger.

An essay about growing up on an Internet that doesn’t deserve all your truths.

5/21/2019: Social Butterfly 🥂🦋

Thoughts on Blackberry Farm, the Kentucky Derby, and an update on recent writing work.

3/28/2019: Spring Break!

How to prepare the first fresh seafood of the season, bopping around St. Simon’s Island, beach-proof jewelry and a sunny Springtime playlist.

3/13/2019: The annual birthday essay. 🙌🎂

Something reflective for turning another year older: an essay about going cold-turkey on “chill”.

2/26/2019: Road Trip!

The must-stay hotel in Charleston, stylish gear for seasoned travelers, all the best mini-size travel products, and a list of indispensable podcasts to pass the time.

2/14/2019: Be mine 💋🎶

A sexy playlist (and the most indispensable product for french-kissing.)

1/28/2019: Skin Care, Hot Baths and Other Winter Remedies.

Baths! Salts! Serums! All the best products and tricks for winterizing your self-care arsenal.

1/13/2019: Are You a Wintrovert?

An essay on the virtues of winter hibernation. Plus: new year’s resolutions, all the supplies for proper cold-weather nesting, and a playlist for cozy nights at home.

8/6/2018: Hey fancy face 💅, wanna get out of here?

A trip to Cashiers, North Carolina, the Charleston-made loafers you need to know about, and the best people to follow on instagram right now.