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A Soundtrack for Sundays in the Kitchen

I spend the best Sundays cooking. The best days begin with a trip to the farmer’s market and end in my kitchen (or a friend’s) while we prepare the meal together. This playlist began almost ten years ago, when a handful of my college friends and I had a rowdy Supper Club which, despite civil intentions and elaborate menus, almost always ended up in a nearby bar by 2am. It’s traveled with me across time, homes, platforms (iPod! Soundcloud! Spotify!) and cities to eventually settle into the adult kitchens of much less rowdy thirty-somethings, who almost always end up in bed before 11 .

It’s been added to, edited, and fine-tuned over that time into what I think is an ideal dinner party mood. It’s got energy, but it isn’t obtrusive, and it’s just as listenable alone in your car. My friends and I are always adding to it. It will never not be a work in progress. Now, I bequeath it to you. ⚡️listen up⚡️

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