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A Quick Life Hack for the Tired and Busy
My Maggie, peak chill. Photo:

My Maggie, peak chill. Photo:

If I am lucky, in my next life I will come back as a dog. Then, stress will never plague me. Until that day, the stress is real… and it throws a party in my upper back. If you don’t know about Zeel yet, allow me to tell you what’s up: someone comes to your house with a massage table and works. your. stuff. out. I’ve been a regular for a year or so, and I love it for three reasons: 1. they can come in the evening — I schedule a massage right before bed. 2. I can play my own tunes and not have to contend with that strange spa muzak, and 3. did I mention they come to you? 🙌🙌🙌

P.S… $20 bucks off if you use this link.

Bag Dump: Gear for On the Go

Alas, because I cannot spend all of the precious winter in my house, I’m glad I invested in a 💋 sturdy cosmetic bag (for said products above) and a huge handbag to make sure I keep up on the go. In my bag, I have one of these cute clear pink Madewell pouches for some grab-on-the-go necessities, like this mini hairbrush, a little lip/cheek flush, and the world’s best lip balm. Oh, and the new Maggie Rogers album on my phone, pretty much on a loop.

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Tub Level: Advanced
Image: leefromamerica

Image: leefromamerica

Continuing our conversation about the rituals of winter hibernation, I have always loved a hot bath. Lowering into a tub of hot water, feeling my back instantly relax… I can’t think of a better way to signal to my body that it’s bedtime. Wrapping up in a cozy robe after the fact just about guarantees a great night’s sleep.

Years of soaking has motivated me to pick up a few tricks — elevating tub time from something relaxing to something that’s also productive? Win. I dump all kinds of stuff into the water that promises to do work on my behalf for my skin, hair and sore muscles.

I mix up all kinds of soaking potions and give them away to my friends like some kind of bath tub witch doctor, usually with really common ingredients. Here are a few tried-and-true mixes that you can grab on the grocery aisle:

  1. After a rough workout, nothing is better for sore muscles than epsom salt. I buy the giant (like, 20lbs!) bulk bag on Amazon, because I put epsom salt in just about all of my baths, sore muscles or not. It’s also really good if you’re feeling a little bloated or had too much salty food that day.

  2. On the palatable subject of bloat, I swear by this by-the-pound clay you can get at Whole Foods or Amazon. Mixed with apple cider vinegar, it makes an amazing face mask (I do my neck and chest too), but it also draws all kinds of impurities from your skin when you drop a few healthy scoops into your tub. Just be sure to rinse your tub down afterwards, or deal with green cement.

  3. A good stable of essential oils is essential. Lavender is really great for relaxation, eucalyptus (sinus rescue) and tea tree oil (antibacterial properties) for when you’re sick. Or Jasmine! Because you want to smell nice!

  4. Also awesome for when you’re sick: Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. The smallest size is around $5, just go ahead and dump the entire thing in your bath. I don’t know what all is in it, but damn, it’s magical.

  5. Speaking of eucalyptus, if you have an instagram account, you’ve probably seen all the photos of people tying up branches in their shower, citing the plant’s natural aromatherapeutic powers when combined with shower steam. Spoiler alert: it works!

  6. Drink a lot of water before and after your bath, all that salt and clay detoxing pulls lots of water out of your body.

  7. If you’re fighting a dry winter scalp, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and toss some in your tub to soften up your skin, too.

  8. This is a good time for a mask. Just sayin’.

  9. As far as products go, I like glossier’s Body Hero body wash, Ouai shampoo and conditioner, and this nifty Japanese body cloth that makes it so much easier to scrub your back and shoulders! (Bonus: it feels like a good back scratch.)

Regarding tunes for soaking? I love Charlie Siem. He’s both classically handsome and classically trained. I call him Charlie cheekbones, and he’s got magic strings. I put together a little playlist of my favorite violinist, and it’s a pretty perfect companion for an end-of-the-day bath, or anytime you need some really solid, but un-disruptive background tunes. ⚡️listen up⚡️

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How to Gear Up For Burrowing Down

It all starts with a sweater (and some green vegetables). While Wintroversion conversion is a mindset more than it is anything else, it is practiced better with a few key supplies. This is the real-deal stuff for a proper hibernation situation that blends in the optimistic, hyper-productive cleansing energy of January.

  1. Being properly attired for ❄️ Wintroversion is mostly about sweaters and leggings, yes (more on that in a sec), but lounging in some nice pajamas just makes you feel like a grown-up in a way nothing else can. While Eberjey’s Gisele PJs will always be my #1 for comfort and washability, I love these sharp boyfriend sleep shirts from Jasmine and Will.

  2. SCHWEADA WEADA! I love 💋 these inexpensive turtlenecks from And Other Stories and Buru. For something a little higher-end, I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this Vince number. La Ligne’s stripes are my current favorite top layer, and I’ve been lounging in this (sale!) red Tibi v-neck for days.

  3. With big cozy sweaters, you need comfy leggings, and Spanx makes the best. I personally don’t love their faux leather, but the cotton and denim ones rock (as do their bras — their bras are GAME CHANGERS.) I also really like these leggings from Amazon for basic black workout tights. When I need to be a little fancy, I’ve been throwing said sweaters over a midi-length silk slip dress. But mostly, I’ve been living in my gray turtleneck/leather legging uniform with APL sneakers. One pair pink, 💋 one pair white!

  4. This scarf makes it socially acceptable to wear a blanket in public, and I am here for it. But pairs great with these socks around the house.

  5. The best-smelling candle is this one. Hard stop.

  6. The coziest blanket is this one. Hard stop. (I stash it in my linen closet when not in use, because it looks like a college dorm room to me.)

  7. Hair claws are back. Chrissy Teigen says so. Jen Atkin says so. And for the sake of convenience, I say so, as well.

  8. 2019 horoscopes, anyone?

…But what do do with all those winter veggies? Photo:

…But what do do with all those winter veggies? Photo:

  1. Onto the kitchen, the site of most people’s resolutions. I’ve been cooking from Gwyneth Paltrow’s 💋 The Clean Plate cookbook like a boss. Say what you will about her (I like her!), but her cookbooks rock. Thus far, I’ve made about ten recipes and every single thing has been totally delicious. I’m finding this cookbook particularly useful right now because I have produce delivered weekly via an Atlanta-based CSA called Fresh Harvest. I love getting loaded up with fresh veg every Tuesday, but sometimes I’m left scratching my head about what to do with it all. The Clean Plate has helped me learn three new ways of cooking chard, and for that, I am grateful. Another revelation: cauli rice! As it turns out, not terrible! Also in rotation right now: Salad for President and Everything I Want to Eat.

  2. Once Dry January ends, I also fully intend to try out some of the recipes in A Woman’s Drink, a groovy cocktail book my sister gave me for Christmas.

  3. Speaking of cooking, I’ve been making a lot of soup. A LOT. OF. SOUP. I got one of these YETI mugs for Christmas and like it so much for couch soup consumption, I bought myself another.

  4. In the vein of kitchen things, these OXO pop containers have revolutionized my pantry.

  5. I ditched my toxic teflon-coated nonstick pans in favor of chic, French blue GreenPans.

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